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well, im fianally running.

my profile is below. i was having clear cmos probs, but its cured.

i have the system @ 3050 mgz now. id like to squeeze more out of it?

so far these are my settings:

ai tune- manual
cpu freq-340 (ddr2 1020)
pci freq.- auto
spread spectrum-auto
mem voltage- 2.0v
cpu volt 1.30v
fsb term volt-auto
nb core-1.40
sb core-auto
ich chipset volt-auto

cpu multi-enabled
9X multi

what can i do to get her to run higher? set 8x multi and raise fsb? my ocz ram is only 800 ddr2.....

so far running for around 2 hours , temps are around 48 celcius idle. havnt tested load yet.

i have some more fans to mount to the rad and cable cleanup to do yet, maybe replace the pump (3 yr old eheim!)

heres a couple pics, i made the cpu and NB adapter plates for the tdx block and the maze 4 out of 1/2" lexan. worked pretty good.


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Increase the multiplier to 9X
then increase the voltage to 1.37 and start upping the FSB till you reach 400MHZ.

also, to avoid the ram holding you back, set it to unlinked at ddr2-800
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