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This monitor is new and has been disassembled, matte film professional removed in a clean laminar flow hood environment (6-hours total labor time), reassembled, thoroughly tested and ready for shipment. Includes all original accessories, cables and packaging. The monitor has zero dead/stuck pixels.

Why remove the matte film? Better contrast, black levels, colors, clarity, brightness, and no annoying "sparkle". Why sacrifice every facet of display quality just in the name of reducing glare? Any sensible person light controls their computing environment. You won't put it in your office with a window behind you and bright overhead fluorescent lights above you, would you? You use this amazing gaming monitor with your gaming system at home in a light controlled environment and enjoy the immense benefits of no matte film.

This monitor is THE best gaming monitor available. With 2D Lightboost back-light strobing available now for crystal clear CRT-like motion, combined with the new 1ms pixel response time panel, there is simply no other monitor comparable for gaming. With this modification, you take it to the next level by significantly increasing image quality and removing the "washed-out", dull, life-less and sparkly image of the stock monitor.

This is the actual film remove from the Asus VG248QE:

I think that image speaks for itself.

The actual monitor after matte film removed in use:

Video showing the difference between matte and gloss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQm1v5UJ1y4

Price: $379 plus shipping. This monitor has been permanently modified, no returns. Please make sure you prefer/enjoy a gloss display before purchase.




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Very interested, PM sent.

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Originally Posted by INCREDIBLEHULK View Post

CallsignVega , just curious which other monitor you using or why you selling this one?
I use the same monitors, I have an extra.

Found a cool comparison of what pixels look like close up on different monitors and film coatings. I highlighted some notables:


I'll take gloss.
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