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god of war, resident evil 4 or shadow of collussus...

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Its a long weekend and I've had my eyes on these three games, which ones should I rent and which ones should I buy? keep in mind im a average/below average skill gamer so it takes me a little longer than normal to work my way through games...
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Get Resident Evil 4.
Rent the others if you like.
god of war
so should I rent or buy RE4? how long does it take it complete?
RE4...... what system you getting it for?i played it on GC. wish it was available on xbox.
Shadow of the colossus is a great game , If you rent you'll prob keep it the longest to play . The game play is amazing .

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RE4...... what system you getting it for?i played it on GC. wish it was available on xbox.

I'm on the playstation section, so..... ps2.
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sorry, didn't look. I never tried it on PS2
Ok, I've played it and beat the GC version. The ps2 version is better because of the new content thatI didnt get to play. RE4 is truly amazing, and they story is great. I would suggest you buy it too.
buy resident evil 4; this game takes around 25-40 hours to beat, rent god of war and shadow of collussus, both games should 20-30 hours to beat
Get Shadow of the Colossus its one of my fav games of all time. Its made by the same people who made Ico.

However, all the games on that list are good. IMO the games go.
1. Shadow
2. RE4
3. GoW
Oh, every time I've played RE4, it gets better and better. You've got to try it once. It's now a 20 buck game, so it's worth the investment. Or, just a thought, if you've got the time, you should go to one of those game rental websites where you pay 20 bucks, or the equivalent of a Greatest Hits game, rent as many as you can play, one at a time, in a month, and rotate through games you've wanted to at least try, beat, or talk about.
You would have a hard time beating RE4 in a weekend, so it's probably a "buy".

I can see getting all the way through God of War in a weekend, so a rental is probably fine.
Resident Evil 4 is Ownage...Its a great game and will keep you entertained for hours...RE4 FTW.
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