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Going for a killer i7 overclock with cold ambient...

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Tonight I plan to set my computer in the window to use some of the very cold outside temps to help me reach a wild overclock to do some benchmarking... It will be in the low 20's outside and I am wondering what I should shoot for as far as overclocks? Lastly, (keeping cpu temps in check, which should be no problem), what is the most cpu volts that i should be able to somewhat safely use in these tests? I would honestly like to shoot for 4.8ghz with HT on with a 21 multi, but I don't know if my board will let me use that high of a BLCK, It should be fun playing with it though!

Is there anything you guys know from experience that I should do to keep things relatively safe, or will I not run into any issues?

-edit, i have successfully benched at 4.440ghz (211x21) so far with 1.41v in the bios (cpuz shows 1.40v with this setting)
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wow kinda hot for this time of year :O
Its freezing already at night here!
during the day its about 7-8 degrees C..

Good luck
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Originally Posted by Diabolical999
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eh I'd be worried about moisture


Even though I'm going to take my rig outside this evening, if it's as cold as last night. (-7C).

I'll just put some insulation on the parts that will heat up, the NB, CPU socket, etc.

And thank God it's a really dry cold here.
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I'll use lots of paper towels around the cpu and the NB, I am also going to load up XP on another hard drive with nothing on it but a stripped down xp and 3dmark06 to try to get the best scores.
What is the best CCC to use for the highest benchmarking in XP, anyone?
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