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going raid 0

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buying two new 80gb drives for my OS and program files and the like and i was wondering how to get the most out of it with things such as disk choice and stripe size?

budget is £90 sorry i am new to raid and just been reading up on it, i get the principle of raid 0 but im wondering what you guys think from practice

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I'm using two 640gb WD's with Raid 0 and the stripe size is 128k.

It reads a lot faster than my 1tb sata300 Seagate drive. I think its a good setup.
cool. hows about some 80gb's though.

its only for OS so i dont want to have excess space because i know i will clag it up with pronz or whatever
Buying 80's to RAID just isn't worth it unless you are talking about 10k rpm drives or SSD's as otherwise they will be very slow. A single 6401AALS will be faster than 2 standard 80gb drives in RAID-0 not to mention cooler, more reliable and more space.

RAID works great, but its still only as good as the drives you raid. With good software raid you get almost the same speed increase as the number of drives you have. For example, my 3x 500gb drive array runs at 2.75 times the speed as one of my drives does by itself.

how about two of those?
so you think that would be worth it or should i stick to my lowly 1tb
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