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Going to Microcenter on Wednesday

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I'm head over to the bay area on Wednesday morning. Going to Microcenter in Santa Clara to check out what they have in stock.

Might be picking me up the i7 920, ram and mobo. Gonna see what kind of combos deals they have.
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Pick up a storm scout! I was just there today, had them for $59.99!

My dad wouldn't let me buy one though

Not that i needed it anyway, but would be fun to have.
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The Strom scout for $59.99 that's a smoking deal.
I'll be in Santa Clara tomorrow afternoon buying some new stuff.

Looks like I'll be getting the i7 920, mobo and some memory.

Gonna build be me another rig. Woo Hoo!!
Yummmmmy Microcenter, I think I'll head to mine tomorrow also

Good luck on the mobo, most of the prices are high compared to Newegg (but they do pricematch, which i've never done yet...)
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It's gonna be sweet. Gonna have two rigs going in my house. Lol! Both will be kick ass and be super fast.
I have an odd feeling you'll be spending more time on the i7 than on the i5

well at least once it's clocked to 4.0 or so

Are you going to be swapping the 5850 over or buying an additional card for it too?
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I'm gonna take my time building the i7 920 unit.

Right now I'm loving my i5 rig.

I'm might go NVIDIA for my i7 920.
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