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Going to try out a project.

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ok i have whats left of an old evercool wc-202 water cooling kit. basically i have the pump with res, flow meter, all the connections, new seals, new tubing, the 80mm rad.

i have worked on it over the past few days. at work i made a custom aluminum cpu block, and drilled the holes in it and installed fittings. i also have made a small shroud out of a sturdy box to adapt the rad from a 80mm to a 110cfm 120mm fan {if the setup works i will fab it out of .060 aluminum}. this things has some air flow. i pre cut and assembled last night for leak testing. shortly i will be taking pics after i rewire the setup, then after i install. i am going to do some testing right now on my system to make sure of my min and max temps on air.
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testing before hand. i know the vcore is wrong, it is actually 1.4v
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well i got evry thing installed and bleed-ed, and then went to boot up.. bios was reading lower.. i thought yaaay.. after windows.....

i didn't even get to run linex for the full test and my cpu was spiking high.. so i am back on air.. thought it was worth a try at least.
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