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  1. Easy to build
  2. Straight foward
  3. Can be cheap
  4. Cooling perfomance can be powerfull when a high power peltier is running at full voltage on a direct die setup.
    Or running on allot of peltiers cooling water cooled loop
  5. Bulding a phase change would possibly reqire welding metal tubes and require specail tools. Peltiers don't

  1. High power usage
  2. Low efficentcy (Phase change has the cooling of power consumed electirc and up to tripple or 4 times cooling of consumed power could be achived)
  3. Phase change power output stays linear, peltiers power output of cooling decreaces the colder it gets. as there is more delta of hot and cold side
  4. Wihout a high power peltier setup, peltier cooling is impracticall and air cooling would beat peltier cooling

Undervolted peltiers could have great efficnety, but in real world applications, to achieve great cooling performance 30-50C delta of holt and cold side would be required.
Undervolted peltiers has 0Watts or only slightly better effeicnety than running the peltiers at full voltage when at 30C or higher delta
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