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Good budget cooler for 4870?

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OK, I just bought this:

I am planning to OC this card and would like to upgrade the cooling. I have a bunch of RAM sinks at home, so that is not an issue. What I am conscerned with is the clearance under the stock fan.

What is a good budget air cooler for this card? I would be interested in anything cheap. (even a used reference cooler off another card if it'll fit) I haven't gotten it yet, so I am not exactly sure how bad it is or how good.
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I'd wait till you get the card. See how hot it runs (For yourself) and whether or not you can tolerate the fan noise.

I have no clue about ATi cards but the 88GTS 512 and my GTX260 have achieved great overclocks on stock cooling, and the fan isn't even loud.
The stock cooler is pretty good, just crank up the fanspeed and your good to go. Unless you don't like a bit of noise

EDIT: can't change the fanspeed >< my bad haha. I guess just wait and see what your temps are, you might not even have to buy an aftermarket cooler.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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