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Good/Cheap Dual bay res + pump

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I'm looking for a purely aesthetic dual bay + pump combo. I may or may not switch to water cooling in the future but at this moment am not interested. What is a cheap combo that can keep the water flowing. Again i just want it for looks, so if you know of any cheap ones, or maybe theres something out there for me that has a cheap pump and bay res. If it has an LED in it, i would like it to be blue to match the colors of my pc.
i have a haf 912 with currently 3 open 5.25" bays that could be used for this.
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lol, you want to buy a pump and reservoir with nothing else? Why not just wait and buy everything once you are sure you want it?

Aesthetics are of course up to you. There arent too many bay res/pump combo options. Koolance 452X2, Swiftech Maelstrom, XSPC D5 Res

I mean.. its as simple as googling it.

There are a lot more options for just plain BayReservoirs tho, like this: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/14242/ex-res-311/FrozenQ_Liquid_Fusion_Dual_Bay_Reservoir_-_Acrylic_-_Fluorescent_Blue_Helix.html#blank
Its because i want the aesthetics.... I just want the water flowing, in like a waterfall? I dont need it to go crazy i just figured there was something cheap i could get to throw in a 5.25" bay or two
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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