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Good deal on a bluray burner?

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I am considering getting a bluray burner for data backup. Already backed up photos to 2 hard drives. Want a third backup.

The egg has a bluray burner for $130 - is this a good deal?

Also 25gb bluray disc running $40 for a pack of 25 at Fryes - same as DVD DLs.

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considering I paid 90 for my Blu Ray player drive. A burner at that price is a sweet deal IMO.
for the price of the drive you can almost get two 1 TB drives. But its not a bad deal since u get BD also
I would love a BluRay Burner, but they need to come to $99 flat in order for them to be worth it.
I bought an LG GGW-H20L some time ago. I started to use it as backup only recently, when the BD disc price is dropped. Now I'm able to buy single layer DB for 3.5 Euro and this is a good price for italy. if you can buy them at 40$ for 25 pcs, it's a good price.
There are also double layer BD available (50 GB each), but for now the price is too high.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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