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That's a very good price with the water block. Same one goes for $514 on newegg.com. Of course, it's out of stock.
Yeah thats what I thought, I went ahead and purchased it, but I can still cancel my order. (Came out to $500 with shipping) Seems kinda pricy spending $500 for a 5870 no?
Supply and demand my good man. Demand is high and supply is low, there is also no direct competition with other directx 11 cards. You could get a GTX295 for that price, but no directx 11 support. Although, given the fact that most games still don't require directx10 even today, maybe it's not that huge of a deal. The most sound advice is to wait till the Fermi cards come out and hopefully drive down prices, also, availability will be higher then, but that's no fun. Welcome to the bleeding edge.
Yeah the blood is spilled from people like me who now have no wallet or bank
So yeah I bought it, I just hope it doesnt get backordered
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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