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Good Drivers for x1950xtx

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i just purchased a sapphire x1950xtx and love it, but i don't like the stock catalyst 6.11 driver. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find a good driver for overclocking. I am using ati tool .25 beta 16 and the catalyst driver sets my clock at 525 mhz for clock and 5 something for ram. I have heard that omega has a good modded driver. I'd like to overclock it to atleast 675mhz clock and 1050 mhz ram, but the dam driver is unstable. With stock voltage, ati tool said my ram could go up to 1087 without artifacts, but vpu recover kicked everything down and reverted to the same driver. Correct me if i am wrong, but i think it is a driver problem.
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Warcat 6.11's

I strongly support Omega drivers, it's all I've been using for years now. Image quality and FPS have been improved over stock Catalyst drivers, and I would imagine stability has been improved too.

I use stock 6.10's, ATI Tray Tools & ATI tool Beta 16 for clocking.

My core is at 735 and my memory 1071.
why would it be reducing the speed to below stock, my ambient is 30C and the card idles at 48C?
on omega's website, it looks like they only support up to the x1900 series
The card runs in 2d mode (stock speeds) until you run a 3d app, then it unleashes.

If you use ATI Tool to overclock you can force it to run in 3d mode at selected speeds even when at windows desktop.
oh, i guess that saves on power, but that makes sense. So are the 6.10 drivers more stable than 6.11. That may seem like a dumb question as you have overclocked yours with them, but i'll ask nonetheless
I'm assuming you had to change the voltages inorder to get the core up to 729 right?
Yeah. I upped the GPU voltage to 1.5v and the other voltage (at the bottom of the voltage screen in ATI Tool, can't remember what its called though) to 1.485.

The memory voltage is very slightly increased. I pushed it pretty far but 1071 was the highest stable I could get
cool, i am new to overclocking, but i designed a pc to OC, so i need to learn
Thanks for the help, i'll probably stick with the current driver because i still get well over 60fps in BF2142, so i'm happy. Anyway, thanks for the help!
wrarcat 11 and ati tool

do not install catalyst, it makes problems
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