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good free spam filter for outlook express?

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anyone know any good ones? all i seem to be able to find are free trials for spam filters.
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Or just don't use OutlookExpress. Seriously, why are you using it?
i'm not, i'm helping someone who is, and they wont switch lol.

I just plugged outlook express spam filter into google, this and MANY others came up.

good luck
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i did the same, like i said that one and all the others i found are free trials for likr 30 days not free spam filters.
ok, anyways i did find a good free one after searching for hours. i tried all the ones in the freeware sticky and they either seemed to not work, or they weren't really freeware but free trials (they shouldn't be in that thread).

the one i found is called spamihilator
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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