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Good MidTower for Airflow?

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hey guys, i was thinking about getting a TT Armor (Full-Tower) but before I go ahead and get it, I was wondering what would be a good Mid-Tower case with good airflow, mobo tray can be removed. I dont care how it looks, or if it can be 'heavily modded'


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My sig rigs case has excellent airflow if you know how to route wires, I get 38c loaded with my case closed on my BT at 25c ambients, and that's with any intake.
my BT is at like 30º idle, 41º load. something like that with 1.5v. Oh yeah, no Antec 900's please, they suck. =(
Get an Armor, or a stacker if you can afford it.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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