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I will be building an system soon that will function as a HTPC, home file server and (the girlfriend's) light gaming machine. The system will be hooked up to our 46" Samsung C5000 LED TV. Spec list is as follows:

- CPU: E2160 (should be able to do a 100% overclock on this guy, 1.8 > 3.6Ghz)
- MB: EP45-UD3P
- RAM: 4GB Dominator DDR2
- GPU: XFX 8800GTX (been sitting in my bitz bin for over a year)
- at least 4 hard drives, perhaps more down the road

I need recommendations on a good-quality, reliable PSU that will power the above system. I am trying to finish this build with the lowest budget possible and as such would like to find the cheapest PSU possible that is still good quality unit. 400-500W should be plenty.

NCIX is my preferred retailer.

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well i have one of the corsair CX series for my data unit/server and very happy with it, however mine is 400w and only has 1x pci-e, so im thinking this instead would suit your needs

Review on this corsair shows people moaning about lack of molex however i would think that sata is pretty much the norm now


also their is a silverstone


or a thermaltake


Note none of these are what i would call performnace psu's however for light/casual gaming shouldnt be a problem, and for just a data/server unit they are all fine in my opinion, cant fault my Corsair CX400 at all.

obviously there are better but i was concentrating on price more than anything else
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