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Good replacement

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This wont be something I'll be getting soon, but I would like to plan ahead. I'm wondering what would be a good replacement for my video card. I wouldn't mind being able to go to 1080 or higher in res, but the likely hood I'll have anything more then a 19" widescreen monitor in the near future is unlikely.

I got my 3870 when I was on a budget of $400 for an entire computer (see sig rig, I've since spent another $100 on my Corsair), it was on sale, and figured it was the best bang for my buck. I haven't been dissapointed with it, although it does have understandable lag in the most hecktic of situations. So, I'm wondering, as the title would lead you to believe, what a good replacement for my good old 3870 should be. Budget shouldn't be an issue, but lets be realistic here. Also, I can't cross fire or anything like that, only one PCI-e bla bla bla slot.

Also, another question, what does the video RAM do? Would having more of it let me use the high res textures games like to use, or is it something else that's keeping me at medium texture settings in the high end games?
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I'd get a 5770 1GB.

And more VRAM lets you have better graphics yes.
How is a 5770 better then my 3870? Just curious. I would like to be able to play on high resolutions with a decent FPS. I'm not a FPS nut, but anything in the 40FPS area is good with me, and even so, I can take less with out shedding a tear. As long as it's playable, I'll play it.
I'd say a 4890.
Having gone from a 3870 to a 4850, then to a 4890 the jump is like night and day.
I think a 5770 is about equal to a 4870. You won't be getting your 40 FPS on games like Crysis, but most games you should be fine.

About your VRAM question, games store textures and the like into the VRAM. The higher resolution you have, the more VRAM you'll need. Having an "old Dell CRT", you can probably get by with 512MB or less. I don't think anything breaks the 1024MB peak yet. But if you do go 1080p, then you'd probably want 1024MB.
I'm planning on getting a 19" widescreen LCD or better in the near future. Will that be 1080 or not is a different story, but I will be running a higher res soon then my old Dell CRT can handle.

As I said, I'm not about to shed a tear over FPS, and I don't even play Crysis. XD

Not yet anyway.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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