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Good score on my AMD System? (3DMark 06)

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I finally got the time to Bench my AMD Athlon 2600+ with a X1950 Pro AGP card and 1 GB DDR-400 RAM and the score was:

3Dmark06: 4427
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Yep thats about right. Your system is just about the same as mine, and we get nearly the same score.
Thats a decent score for you system. Is you 2600 a mobile? I had a mobile 2600 that would do 2640 mhz. If you overclock yours a little more you score will improve and maybe you'll get the #1 spot on the comparison's tab!
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No, its not a mobile, although it would be cool to have one.
*Thinks about modding the L2 cache*
.... .. . Nah, to risky

Edit: The video is overclocked as well, but not that much, the X1950s don't like to clock that well, i have mine @ 600mhz core and 730mhz Mem (1.460)

AND i did come second in the top score list for my type of system, But the other guys system had a 2800+ Mobile and it was overclocked, plus 3 GB of memory in it..
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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