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good to buy or shooting myself in the foot?

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Friend asked me to find a good cheap power supply.

I showed him this and he liked it.
The only problem is that it's refurb. Will that cause me any problems? Warranty? Reliability?
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Power supply really shouldn't be something you want refurb. I'd recommend a Corsair anyways. What's your budget and how many watts/amps do you need?
The refurb should not cause you ant problem. All it means is that there was a defect and the company has fixed it to like new condition. I would recommend Corsair.
Yea if it was my money i would go and pick myself up a corsair, i wouldnt want to risk getting a refurb power supply, since everything is dependent on it i would stick with new.
I have heard that CM's refurbs are of high quality. And if it doesn't work I wouldn't see why they wouldn't replace it pretty easily.
I would skip it. It only comes with a 90-day warranty. For example a new Corsair as suggested usually comes with a 5 year warranty.
H e doesn't want to spend an uber amount of money but yeah, I can see where a short warranty can cause problems. Any more input is welcome.

Corsair TX750W, $119.99.

didnt realize it came to $50 after that huge rebate...
Nah thats cheesy

mushkin has nice psu's
and corsair
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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