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Good water cooling system?

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Im trying to see if anyone knows about a good cooling system from Newegg.com?? Im trying to pair it up with my Asus EAH4870 DK TOP 512mbx2 or another site maybe where i could bundle these items and get a good price? let me know
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Originally Posted by dralb
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The only kits worth it are the ones deom danger den and petra's tech. they are made up from custom components. Swiftech has some decent ones as well, but if you are going to go water, build it yourself and avaoid commercial kits.

I second that.
I think sticking to well proven computer water cooling components, manufactured by well proven and water cooling affectionaro trusted companies, like Swiftech or Danger Den, is definitely the way to go . Also if you have a DIY build you learn a lot of things and IMO the finished product is quieter, more efficient and much better looking than AC'ed systems. Not being even remotely connected to Petras Tech Shop (other than a faithful customer), I don't think there's a better online vendor for computer water cooling components, water cooling kits or even water cooling advice.

Sometimes the cost may surprise you, but you know the old sayin' "you get what you pay for" and water cooling components and kits are expensive (to do it right and have quality kits)

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