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Got 2 questions one about coolers

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I have a question about sli and physic, and also about low profile vcard coolers.

First, I hav got a spare 9600gt setting around, and I just got 2 gtx 260 cards, so of course I have sli them, but can i also throw my 9600gt in there and turn it into a physic card? or is the driver kind of useless when it comes to sli and another card for physic?

2: if so, is there a cheap good low profile cooler i can throw onto it? the cooler on it is way to large to squish it inbetween the 2 260s so would need a cooler that is low and good at keeping it cool, i know it should heat up as much as the 2 other cards.

Oh yeah 3, when are the 300 coming out? because I have 100 days to do a step up on my cards from bfg, and if they arent coming out for awhile, i will step up to the 285 (2gig) cards.

Thank you for your time.
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Putting that 9600GT in would be worthless for anything besides benchmarks. Just leave it out.

The GT300 is supposed to come out in Q1 of 2010, but we'll see.
There aren't really any low-profile heatsinks like you're looking for. You could get something small, but it wouldn't really perform any better than a stock heatsink.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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