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I have a LARGE project where I need the following:

Multiple CLEAR layers of (plastic/acrylic/acetate/etc) where each would have graphic material affixed/applied on one side of each.
All sheets must be as CLEAR as possible
All sheets would be 1.5mm thick, and approximately 8.5'' x 11''

When I've tried acetate (0.03'' thick sheets) and stack 10 or more, the 'transparent' quality is severely degraded
When I've tried rigid clear acrylic sheets, the transparency is fine but the cost is prohibitive.

I'm willing to purchase large quantities of material if its possible to cut the material to size. Best I've found so far would fall around $4.40/sheet if I buy 50 or more

Bottom line - it must be as clear as possible.

Any ideas? Or do I stick with Rigid Acrylic sheeting?
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