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I just got me a new Gateway 24'' lcd monitor. I was wanting to know what my Vcard which is a 9600gt will be able to push as far as res for games etc. I just came from a 18'' crt with 1280x1024 res. I would like to get it higher but dont want to lose preformance. i am going to be getting 2x260(216) next month so just need to make it until then. (side note I was ajusting it out of box and have it set to 1920x1200 for windows. and is running find but its not videos movies and games. And that is what I need to know about, when I watch movies, videos and play games what is the highest res i can run on my 9600gt.
Also what is the difference in RBG color space and YUV color space?
Thank you for your time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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