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Got a Q about Win 7

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Ok, y'all remember that whole ordeal with the New Efficiency launch event?

The free copy of 7 they gave out... is that retail or OEM?
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im not really sure, but assuming M$, im going to say oem.
Thanks for your input, however, I'm looking for a 100% sure answer.



The best news is of course the free Windows 7 gift that is going to be given away on the event day to attendees of the Microsoft New Efficiency Launch. If past experiences of Microsoft giveaways remain true, the Windows 7 Professional DVD disc media will have a text "Promotional Disc: Not for Resale" printed (NFR which is not boxed retail copy), and attendees will receive product key by email for activation. The gift is normally given out at the end of the event. Beyond that, IT professionals will receive snack pack while developers free continental breakfast too.


The NFR copy is retail correct?
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I wanna say OEM sadly
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