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Got benches for short stroked WD3000HLFS RAID 0?

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I was wondering if anyone has any benchmarks for 2x300 GiB Velociraptor in RAID 0, short stroked to ~60 GiB. Thanks. Or even just quote a number, this is on ICH10R by the way.
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I wonder what you would use? An actual application I would think? HDTune does not bench just the partition it benches the entire disk I believe.
I'm certain I have seen benchmarks to show the improvements from short stroking.

Edit: But I can't really discount your point either.
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I never had a chance to stroke mine.Then i sold them and i wish i had kept them.I really do notice boot times compared to my current HD's
If you short stroke by either using Niagra or similar (the manufacturer's tools for doing it properly), or by just creating a smaller array in the RAID setup BIOS you can benchmark a short-stroked setup with any software you care to use.

If you do it by creating a smaller OS partition then there are a few programs that bench partitions rather than the full disk. I think Everest does this - but it may not, I can never remember the correct bit of software. I only have my disks short stroked in the RAID BIOS so don't need to remember...
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