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Got charged for a month of Age of Conan :(

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I just checked my bank account and on the 2nd I was charged $15 for Age of Conan. Apparently when I did the trial thing for old players it reactivated my account and I was supposed to cancel before it was over. I sent an email and of course they are saying no refunds. Do you think I could call my bank and get something done about this?

Anyway, AoC is just a flashy game to me and nothing more. Fancy graphics and a combat system like a fighting game. I have tried to play it on two seperate occasions and never make it out of Tortage.
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Some pay thousands of dollars to learn, your lesson only cost $15.
Yep, still $15 can be a lot to some but they set time frames and we either cancel on time or pay
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Originally Posted by firestormcomputers View Post
I wouldn't make a big poop about $15.
Thats what my friend told me, and then said what else would I blow it on, which I replied:

Some DVD-Rs
Indie game on Steam
DLC for Rock Band

I just hate wasting money. Ill probably call in but if it seems like its going to be a big deal and a drawn out process to get $15 I'll just play it for the hell of it.
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tell them you were offended by the game. that'll get you a refund.
cancel the membership and consider it a lesson learned. it could have been a lot more like mentioned here.
Just take that $15 as a loss, and move on with your life, because by using their services, you have agreed to their TOS. Make sure to unsubscribe from it, and enjoy you last month in the game.
Be honest you played it for the boobs. We all know it, so you should just admit it.
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