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Got my X-fi Xtreme Music...

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got a few questions...
should I use the drivers on the CD, or are there better ones/ modded ones?
what audio "mode" is the best?
is it possible to use my onboard and the soundcard at the same time?

thanks in advance
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use these drivers

these are the daniel k ones, much better, i cant even believe how awesome they really change the card compared to the crappy ones from creative.
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Hey TSK.

I'd probably use the Youp Pax drivers, here. I've not used the official Creative ones, but I've heard these are better, and they're compatible with every OS. If you do that, then you should install the Creative Control Panel thing.

As for what mode you should have it on, you should use Game mode for gaming, but Audio Creation mode for listening to music, if you follow the guide that can be found here.

Enjoy the card.

Edit: The Daniel K drivers... hm. I'll maybe do a test between the Youp Pax drivers and the Daniel K ones.
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Seriously? Ive tried both but i dont know what to look out for? What did he change exactly, everything sounds the same to me.
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