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GPU Cooling necessary?

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Is GPU cooling necessary for my system? I am going to get a Nvidia GTX 285. I do not plan to over clock it but I heard they do get hot.

My case a Antec 1200. Should I get a water block to add to my watercooling setup?
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That should be fine in Antec 1200...

I use a TT Armor case with my new 285 and even folding at 100% load it's only 54c now
You are close in region to me so ambient shouldn't be too far different.

I think you'll be fine with stock at this point but make sure to adjust the fanspeed using EVGA Precision (packed w/ card) or RivaTuner.

I have a single CPU water loop for cooling and between the two cores and gpu don't go much higher than 50c avg.
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I have not got it yet note my signature system is called "coming soon"

Is your tower on the floor? You will get 3 times as much dust there.
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