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GPU Heat Issue

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Hi All i was wondering if 80c on my gpu wen under full load is bad over a period of time like 1-2 days i have a 9800gt and idle temps are about 50c
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Idle temps around 50 are fine. 80 is a bit too high, you want to stay under that if possible. However, it by no means is going to fry your card unless you run at 80 degrees every time you load up a game.
According to nvidia those temps are within that GPU's safe operation limits. However 80c is considered unnecessarily high. If you desire lower temps consider increasing the fan speed or improving the airflow of your case.
what would be a good way to incerase the fan temps and it is for Folding at home wen i turn on my gpu folding it goes up to 80c
don't worry, vcards are quite a tank. i remember my friend having a 6600 with passive cooling, and the temps are reaching 90c, he used it for like 3 years til he went an upgrade. but you may want to max the fan in case you're a bit worried.
Even if your card is not EVGA, the easiest way to increase your fan speed is by using EVGAPrecision. Just uncheck the Auto button and slide the fan speed notch to where you want it to go.
ok i downloaded EVGAprecision and cranked the fan speed up to 95% and the gpu is at 74c is that much better than 80c of a long time like 1-2 days
It's a little bit better and probably would be fine. Are there any wires in front of the graphics card fan? Is there a case fan near there? You might be able to get better temps if you arrange things a bit. For now, I don't think it will hurt.
ok thankyou my temps should drop once i get my new HAF-932 case
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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