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GPU not supported or current driver flag, again :(

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I had to do a shut down and now the single 8800GT is giving me the FAH flag that the GPU is not supported or the driver is not! This is with just one card installed.
It worked fine with a single card untill I did a reboot a few days later.

Many of you read my last post on this when both twin 8800GT cards were installed with the two step device/driver install when the second card would raise the fah flag 'GPU/driver issue.

I've been through the appropriate method of driver removal in the OS and in safe mode with DCC Pro.
Tried both 182.06 & 181.20 drivers with the full driver removal.
using -gpu 1 for the single card in set up

What the heck am I doing wrong

Also, I have been using the second GPU client (Sys tray for Nvidia) in the advanced download section and had also tried the first one (Sys tray) too.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the third GPU client XP/2003 GPU Console is not the client to use for multiple GPU clients.
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From what I can tell, your problem was with the gpu number being wrong in the OP with a single card. One gpu is gpu 0, not gpu 1. You have to have a dummy plug in XP when you extend the desktop to the second monitor, or it won't let you extend to it. You can take it off after that. In my experience, the "gpu not supported" error means you haven't extended the desktop to the other gpu. Let me know if this helps, I've had to go through this before too, I've folded with XP (32 bit) and Vista x64. I've run the systray client and the console version too. You can edit the client.cfg file to set any parameters, like -gpu0, etc.
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