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GPU overclock issue

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I overclocked my signature GPUs to 700/1660/1010 and ran atitool for 30minutes(stable), ran 3dmark06(stable, got 12113marks).

Cod4 and Cod:WaW run fine for hours.

Increased shaders and core a tad bit and ran atitool for 30mins ( stable) ran 3dmark06 and passed.

Ran CoD:WaW and I froze and crashed after 5-7mins.
Same thing with CoD4.

What is the best way to tell that my video cards are stable?

+Rep will be given.
thanks in advance.
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Run crysis.... garunteed stable hehe...
Crysis stresses cards more then any program today.

Furmark produces the most heat and stresses cards the most as far as stability testers are concerned.

Atitool isnt the best tester anymore.... its just average.
How long should I run furmark stability test for?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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