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GPU Team - Team R.E.D.

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.: TEAM R.E.D. :.
Radeon Enthusiast Donors

Members include...

XxG3nexX - Stanford Stats

Nautilus - Stanford Stats

*** Fire It Up! ***
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Welcome to the competition. Happy folding....

Thanks! Was going to add more to the banner, but it already put a dent in my folding time. :/
3/19/2009 PPD Total = 5686

StarryNite - 3,639 Best PPD to date!
XxG3nexX - 2,047 Best PPD to date!

Double w00t!!
Sweet banner Starry

Keep on folding guys.. Keep that ATI spirit!
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Thanks, Ictinike. Maybe when there's some time I'll add more to the banner. Have the helix and all, but it'll take a while to add all those balls to the image. lol

Nice, f-i-n-a-l-l-y broke the 30k mark! XxG3nexX is rising fast in the ranks, too.
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Very nice..hopefully you can put up a fight against teh CUDA!
With your rig, XxG3nexX, Team R.E.D. will be smoking! lol

Little Rig will hold the fort until you get back.

Can't wait until Stanford gets that ATI client out, then the PPD can at least double. By then I'd have a better cooling solution to do a slight overclock, too (temps are too high even at stock). Then we can kick some Nvidia butt. hehehe
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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