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GPU voltage

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I have had my 4850 overclocked for sometime now using ati overdrive, only managing to up the gpu clock (700mhz), the memory clock just wont budge from 993mhz. I have considered using rivatuner, but would also like to know if tinkering with the voltage for a gpu is as common as the cpu and memory? If it is, then what is the voltage parameters for a sapphire dual slot hd4850?
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Not really. You will either need to do a hard mod or bios mod to change your voltage. Search for bios mod and pencil mod and you will have a great place to start. Tons of info on here for both
hey your in luck though if you have the sapphire 4850 with the round mini intel cooler with the ears on it the process to bios mod and pencil mod your card is identical to my 4830 and you can follow the link in my sig to see my results and how to do it

i reccommend the bios mod 1st as its less risky but you will only get to ~750 stable on the core any higher and you will have to pencil mod i have gone as high as 840 core with a pencil mod but have seen others who have better aftermarket coolers hit 900+

by the way the more voltage you add the more that cooler is going to struggle and the more likely it is to kill the voltage regulators as sapphire has probably the crappiest ones on the market and its only a 2 phase design where others use high quality up to 5 phase design

the bios voltmod should be fine on the stock cooler but if you pencil mod you will want something better i had a 80cfm thermaltake volcano fan im place of the one that comes with it and it still got to hot

hope that helps
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