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GPU2 issue.

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Hi all well I had problems with gpu2 always erroring out downloading the new core. I finally got it to successfully get the new core. Then it got a work until and the core wouldn't start running. Then it sent some results to Stanford and attempted to get another work ubit, but it keeps on coming back connection closed. Whats up with this?
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What do u mean confused, I explained it. GPU2 had issues downloading the new core. I reinstalled gpu2 and got it to download the new core succesfull. The client got a work unit and wouldnt start it. It then sent the results of no work to stanford. Now every time the client tries to obtain a new work unit, it keeps coming back with connections closed, which in turn means I dont get a new work unit.
have you checked your firewall settings?
No firewall running, and proxy settings have been placed in the configuration of the client. This is not on sig rig, but on my dedicated folder.
sorry, I couldn't get to keyboard. I'm confused why that is happening not on your explanation. Just wanted to let you know peops were reading your post.

Sorry I cannot help on that.
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Nice name BTW....anyhow I am pretty new to the folding arena (2 months now) but did you allow the client to keep trying for a bit?

Something similar happened to me the other day while I happened to be doing work on the laptop. Glanced up and saw something similar. I waited for 2 hours "just to see" and eventually it connected and started chugging again.

Maybe the server was down for a few?
Well my sig rig has had no problems for over a week, the dedicated folder has been having issues for days. Its really starting to annoy me. Thanks for the inputs guys, and hueristic sorry for taking it the wrong way.
VWGTI....something that helped my rig out when the PPD was plummeting for some reason was to reboot.....you probably have tried this already but it helped me out on my rig.

Best of luck!
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