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Graphic card in HP Pavilion Slimline s3020la....Asus HD3550 ??

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Hello I am new in OCN ,i need a video card low profile PCI-Express (from
preference 512mb) for my HP Slimline s3020la( power supply
160w ) the restrictions that I impose this computer are:

** must be low profile (or adaptive)
** consume 25-30W less than the video card
** Includes low profile bracket, or buy it separately

Details My HP Slimline Pavilion

HP Pavilion s3020la Slimline home PC

These images are of an internal computer like mine, except that it apparently has an AMD processor and wireless card.


Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 processor - 1.80GHz (Conroe, 800MHz)
Motherboard (system board) - Locktite GL8E - Socket 775, Intel 945G chipset
Integrated graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
2048MB, PC2-5300, DDR2-667, SDRAM DIMM memory
Power supply - 160-watt regulated output (Arches)
Hard drive 320 GB SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec)7200 rpm
16X DVD(+/-)R/RW 12X RAM (+/-)R DL LightScribe SATA drive
Memory card reader - 15IN1, 4-slot, plus 1 USB 2.0 - Supports Smart media / xD, MMC / SD, Compact Flash I/II, MS / MS Pro
Modem 56K bps data/fax modem
HP multimedia keyboard (Bluebird) with PS/2 connector - Internet (web), audio, and media control buttons
Modem board - 56Kbps, V.92 (T-Rex, controllerless)
PCI E: 1 (x16)

Among the options to find out that I serve are:

** GF 7300GS (16W)
** GF 8400GS (30W)
** Ati HD3450 (18-36W)
** Ati HD4550 (10-30W)
They sell them in my city where

***Zotac Video PCIE GF8400 GS 512mb DDR2
*** XFX GF 8400GS 512mb DDR2
***Sapphire Video PCIE HD3450 512mb GDDR2

For example in USA, what would my options, thanks to VISA Credit Card, you could import a card, but costs would increase to twice ....

In some forums I found the different voltages on my Slimline, my hardware consumes watts, the following:

Amperage * Voltage = Watts

Our 250GB slimline harddrives state 900ma on the actual hard-drive case. That means .9 amp on the 12 volt rail. That's about 11 watts for the hard-drive.

Our DVD/CD unit states 1.5 amp on the case. That means about 18 watts.

RAM runs on the 5 volt rail. The RAM I bought is 1.8volt ram. 1.8x5 = 9 watts

The motherboard --- we have no idea, but I guraentee it's less than 34 watts. It's a micro mothberboard - much smaller and designed to be more efficient. A full size motherboard is what the 34 watt number is from.

The processor should actually be 45 watt, rather than 49 watt.

5W ..PCI modem
9W ..card reader bay

My big problem is the source of power and 160 watts, HP recommends a 25-watt video card .... so does the modem pci card and the reader to have more watts.
After continuing to report, I found that the ATI Radeon HD4550 say it's low power, AMD said the following:

"Consumes less than 25 watts under full load - The ATI Radeonâ„¢ HD 4550 graphics card consumes less than 25 watts under full load, making it the ideal choice for implementation across a large diverse install base of desktop PCs."

But then he says:
"300 Watt or greater power supply (350 Watt for ATI CrossFireXâ„¢ technology in dual mode) is recommended "

So I have no clear understanding that I am wrong, because on one hand a recommended power of 300 watts and also consumes 25 watts maximum ...¿?¿?
What do you think, this card will be compatible with my PCI modem without Slimline and Card Reader?

I´m sorry for my English....

Thanks for your time .
Good Bye

Aaaaapppsss.... I must say that this computer was a gift about a year ago, do not buy it ... but I would have bought another ....
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Gf 8400gs (30w)
4550. it'll perform way better than the rest.
a gtx 295 is probably bigger than the entire computer.

Originally Posted by manolith View Post
a gtx 295 is probably bigger than the entire computer.
it´s bigger and more expensive ...hehehhe, $499.99

thanks for your answers
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I just got a x1300 PCIe low profile on ebay a couple months back for 15 shipped.

I think it came from a one of those slimline Dells.

Originally Posted by gerikoh View Post
4550. it'll perform way better than the rest.
This is what I would go with.
A low profile 4550 will not offload any work when viewing HD (x264, Blu Ray, etc), and is decently powerful enough.
Plus, it's based off the RV710 core, which is 'not just another rebrand', as NVidia seems to be doing lately...
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Agreed low profile 4550 ftw!
is the same one asus, XFX, Sapphire, with respect to the power they consume watts ... changed much?
I serve this card:



according to this chart the HD4550 consumes 18.5 watts max, it will be true ...???

write something about it here ...


thoughts on the subject?

Thanks for the comments
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Should be true. and XFX, Asus, eVGA, PNY, MSI ect wont really have different power requirements unless they stick some LEDs and a big fan onto the card.

4550 would be your best bet. As for manufacturer, I'd say try to find a Sapphire, or Asus, or Gigabyte, I haven't heard anything about PowerColor, so take a chance if you get that

or this if you don't want open box, these are the same exact cards

Originally Posted by the_milk_man
View Post

For an 8xxx series card click here or here

For a 9xxx series card click here or here

Or we could just skip the foreplay and get to business

A 4550 would smoke those cards, would it not?
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Originally Posted by caraboose
View Post

A 4550 would smoke those cards, would it not?

No clue. I'm not much inclined to suggesting ATI though unless its their super high end cards(i dont have any experience with the mid to low end ATI cards)
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Thanks for you time to answer my questions.
In a web page that caught my attention the following:

" While gamers will want to opt for something that's a little more powerful, PCSTATS found that the ASUS EAH4550 was more than powerful enough to playback High Definition 1920 x 1080 content, and AMD has done a great job of having this card take the task of decoding HD off of the CPU's workload and letting the RV710 GPU handle it. Plugging it into an 1080p-capable, audio-equipped monitor like the ASUS VH242H via HDMI was effortless and neither sound or picture quality had any signs of distortion or artifacting. Total system power draw with this graphics card was idle 76W, peak 111W. "

this means that the full tower pc (hdd, graphic card, dvd-rw, motherboard, etc.) consume between 76 and 111 watts, or just the video card consumes between that range (My English is poor)
I hope it is the first option, the entire computer ...

In conclusion think that works in my Slimline? ( the hd4550 card )

What I recommend?

Thanks a lot : )
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I think that means what ever system they tested it on used a maximum of between 76 - 111 watts. That's just my interpretation,but I could be totally wrong. It should fit, and it if doesn't what ever, time for a new case + power supply
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this is what I sent pcstats.com:
Hi Cesar,

It means that for the system configuration we tested this videocard on, the
total computer system power draw was measured at between 76W - 111W (for
idle and 3Dmark06 benchmark peak power). The watt meter is placed between
the PC power supply and mains 120V AC power source, so it is measuring the
total PC power load.

So yes: hdd, RAM, graphic card, dvd-rw, motherboard. It is very difficult to
measure the videocard power draw alone, since power is sent by PCI Express
slot and the auxiliary power connector. Since we test idle vs. 3D stressed,
it's safe to assume much of the power increase is because the VGA card is
being stressed with a VGA specific benchmark.

Max "
think of this?

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