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Great OC speeds, but hungry for more...

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Ok, I recently read about AMD's release of the 60 & 65w series socket AM2 processors. So, I guess what I'm asking is... would I be able to push an FX-62 past my current high of 3.25ghz if it only required 65w instead of my current processors 125w? I would imagine that the lower wattage would reduce temps, thus allowing a higher and more stable overclock.

I currently have an FX-62 ready to RMA to AMD... and the tech I spoke with said that for only an extra 75$, they can ship me the new, lower wattage version to replace my annihilated standard one.

Is it worth the $75? Thanks for any and all info on this.
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I would think so, but research it first. I guess you are researching right now, so moot point on my behalf. (pries foot from mouth)
I would go with the extra $75 just to get on for the lower temps. Even if you can't OC it more, lower temps are good. 65nm chips have already proven themselves on Intel's chips with better OCing, so i'm sure they will do the same for AMD. Chance are the 65nm will OC better then the current 90nm ones.
3.2G, SWEET!
Hope what ever you get it does at least as well
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