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Hy guys,

i just subscribed to this forum.

The main reason was to post a comment on a display-port adapter and correct a statement made.
i was looking for info and the post helped out so i'm grateful.

My second reason for subscribing is that i like hardware and reading about innovation, people fiddling with settings trying new things out, basically the real meaning of hacking
that is to say do make the hardware / software do what you want / need it to do..

i'm not in to OverClocking perse that it not my cpu but i can see the benefit of doing so with memory as i'm planning to replace my main computer a mac with a Ryzen cpu.
As for Operating systems. i will be going from OSX 10.9 that's Maverick that came out in 2013 to Linux.

i'm fed up with Apple on so many levels that it's time to move to a nice multi core Virtualization beast..Running Linux Fedora

As i'm comming from a 4-core 8 threads 16gig of mem , a 1700 would be an awesome upgrade haha.
adding 32gig of fast mem and overclocking that mem if needed is what i'm planning to do. or go with a Totally overkill Thread Ripper just because i can hahaha..

As i'm not a gamer i don't care much for GPU's only so far as they need to be dead silent and push pixels to my favorite display i would be getting with my build the LG 43UD79-B.
i got one for my wife and it's absolutely awesome. Works nice on the latest Fedora 26. And even windblows uhh windows7..

For the next couple of weeks i will be to busy studying for my Linux exam. actually i should be studying now oepss

But i wanted to introduce my self and tell you a bit about myself..

oh yah almost forgot. i'm a keyboard nurd mechanical all the way..
Cherry mx-clears , and Topre boards.. just orderd a nice mx-brown board for my wife.. finally got her on a decent keyboard.
PBT keycaps.. and even a nice PBT mouse ..ahhh n:)

All the best.. Live Long And prosper..

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Hello and welcome.
Good to hear you joined to help out.
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