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Hey everyone,

I'm new here, obviously. The name's Kaer and I'm from the Great White North (Northern Ontario to be more specific). A buddy of mine which some of you may know as superk showed me these forums and decided to join in.

I'm an IT Tech and a Cisco CCNA by trade.

I got a modest home networked setup.

* Linux Box running Ubuntu Server 8.10
- Main Torrent Box
- Proxy Server
- UPnP server for the Xbox 360
- CUPS Server

* HTPC running Windows 7 x64 hooked on a 42" 1080p Plasma TV
- Optical Out Audio (Full 5.1 Enabled)

* Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop as the Living Room Remote
- Running Windows 7 x32
- Synergy; mouse and keyboard sharing
- So basically allows me to control the HTPC from the laptop with only using the touchpad and keyboard, without needing VNC or RD

And finally my main rig... Budget PC with some Kick.

Athlon X2 5200+ EE 2.7Ghz @ 3.2Ghz 1.45vcore (35C Idle, 52C Load)
Scythe Katana 2 Heatsink w/ 120mm fan (Originally had a push-pull setup, but didn't see a difference)
* Got a ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme on the way to push it higher.
AData 4GB DDR2 800 @ 915Mhz
Asus M3N78-VM Mobo
EVGA Nvidia 9800GT 512MB OC'd 700Mhz Core
Antec 900 Case
5x Antec Tricool 120mm
2x CoolerMaster 120mm with SupaBright LEDs (Front Case)

See Profile for more detailed info.


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Thanks for the welcome!

I'm also known as MetaliFreak if that says anything to anyone. I used to do a lot of graphic stuff way back when under that nick on DeviantArt. I'm also a professional photographer too!

http://metalifreak.deviantart.com/ (Old, haven't been updated in ages.)

And photog website: http://kevinpelletier.smugmug.com/

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You know superk and admit it
, J/K hes a good member
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