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Gta 4

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Okay, so I love GTA-SA, and my question is, should I buy GTA 4? Everything points towards yes, but I'm a little worried that my CPU won't handle it as it's a little outdated. Will it?

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, if you lower the effects
GTA4 loves quads, and loves i7's the most.
It's half the game that SA is. GTA4 has an (arguably) better story, although I don't think so. Better graphics. But that's it.

GTA:SA has it on pretty much everything else.
It's worth the money IMO. I would get it, but you will be limited severely due to your CPU. You will have to play at low settings for the most part. Even with your GTX280.

I had to play on all low, even at a lower res than my native. After I got my AMD quad I can play at mostly all high settings.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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