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GTS 250 512MB Issues

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I just put together my new rig (in sig) and decided to skimp on the video card for now thinking I could step it up later with EVGA. Well come to find out it wasn't eligible. So to the heart of the matter.....

While in games it will suddenly kick me back to the desktop almost like I hit alt + tab. I know I didn't and it does it on a few game. TF2, Batman, Crysis, Far Cry 2, Assassin's Creed.....

I have EVGA Precision open and the temps look ok, it also doesn't matter if the clocks are stock or OC'ed. Does it just the same.

I do notice that when it does kick me back to the desktop that when I go back in game the graphics are waaaay sluggish and slow.

I updated the drivers yesterday thinking that may be the cause, but it still happens. I uninstalled them through the control panel, then used driver sweeper to take out the rest and installed the new driver (195.62)

So I'm stuck, any advice would be great.
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when you did the driver sweep, did you do it in safemode? there are some files that can't be deleted unless in safemode.

The uninstall, clean, reinstall was to be my 1st suggestion.
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I didn't actually, will have to retry in safe mode.
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