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GTS 250 vs. 4850

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Which would be better for games @ 1680x1050 res, most games will be source based game, COD4 and 5, L4D, WoW maybe some others.

Not many reviews out for the 250 yet and most that i find are for the 1GB version which i'll probably get the 512mb.
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GTX250 is 9800GTX+ which has similar performance as 4850. Between two, get cheaper price one. Personally, I would go for 4850 because of the price .
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can't say it better than Linskingdom already has - it goes down to personal preference. nvidia for folding / benching, ATi for price and better AA
They perform almost the same , although i believe ati has a lead in aa in this situation. If you prefer sli/crossfire go with the one you like(maybe you will decide to do it later on) Or just with the one
that is cheaper.
Edit: since Ati supports valve, they should run better with source games
either one will do.

just like everyone said, folding=nvidia, visuality=ati.

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Which ever one cost less and you prefer most...
GTS 250 is really cheap now.
If you pick GTS250: I would go for the XFX or Zotac GTS 250 depending on your preferences.

The XFX comes with CoD5 and of coarse the double lifetime warranty. The Zotac comes with CoD5, XIII Century: Death or Glory, 3DMark Vantage (Basic?), and a 2 year warranty but also requires 2 6pin/1 8pin PCIE.

Zotac: (OOS at the moment)

The EVGA version is a "-TR" which only comes with a 2year warranty, it's fine when compared to the Zotac... but it also doesn't come with any extras.

If you pick 4850: Tough choice imo. The HIS 4850 @$130, which is the price I think you are looking around at... is non reference. Coming from experience: non reference boards can be a PITA. It does come with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. CS though. The Powercolor however (both versions I think) use reference PCB, so they may have more functionality than the HIS. However the one with the non reference HS/Fan will run at 100% all the time (non adjustable I believe, same for the HIS). The reference Powercolor also seems to come with a remote.

So imo: Reference Powercolor, the HIS (if you want S.T.A.L.K.E.R. also), or an Open box.

Reference Powercolor:


I am personally buying the XFX GTS250 when I get paid Thursday. I feel it is the best deal in that range.

I sort of got carried away with this. haha Been looking at these cards since last Tuesday trying to decide what I want.
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I would go for a gts250. It runs much cooler than the 4850. Buy whichever is cheaper. If you can find a non reference 4850 for a good price then buy that instead.
both have equal pros and cons .lets make is simple take whichever u get cheaper
read this
Grab whichever is cheaper

Both will max out source, and do extremely well in CoD4 and WoW
If you can keep the 4850 cool..you can get some pretty nice clock speeds out of them...they do much better than the 250's in SM3.0 and with AA and AF enabled in high res.
I own the 512mb version of the 250 and it runs cod5 maxed out at your res w/full aa 40-90 fps (depends on the map)

the 4850 is older and nvidia has better drivers and runs cooler

out of those two I would buy the Evga 250 on newegg

however imo i would actually buy the evga GTX 275 (which out performs both) for 50 dollars more on newegg
because if you overclock the 275 and bump up the fan you can can get GTX 285 speed out of it!

your choice

Stay away from Zotac!!!! i have had a bad experience w/them just buy evga save some hassle

free game and price < Quality and support

Good luck!
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