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GTX 260(216) or 280?

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I just sold my 8800gt and in need of a new card. So far, These have caught my eye. If anyone could let me know what they think or even any other suggestions on another card(4870 1gb) it would be greatly appreciated. I really want to keep it under $400CAD and the 280 seems to be a decent price for around here.

Canadian prices are crazy!

GTX 280

GTX 260

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Save money and go with the 260 216.
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Originally Posted by Afrodisiac
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Save money and go with the 260 216.

The 280 is cheaper for him.

280 for sure.
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They are about the same price. In this case, I would go for GTX280. Personally, I would go for a cheaper stock GTX260 216 and OC it to match GTX280.

seems to me that the same 280 is going for mega $ over at these guys...



so I think it will be the 280. I just hope that it fits my board without any troubles and my silencer 610(+12v 49A) is enough for it(550w/+12v 40A).

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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the GTX 280 would be the better buy in this instance.
I agree with gablain. go with the link he provided or wait for a gtx 260 core 216 to go on sale.
at www.ncix.com
280 is the better choice dued to more memory and faster clocks
280, no question, cheaper AND faster.
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dude canadian can order stuff from newegg. lol
Edit: get the xfx GTX 260 BE. Runs as fast as most 280, plus even better for most game. i downgraded xfx 280 from xfx 260 BE, and let me tell you. could not tell a darn difference man.
Wow... The United States has got the best prices on these computer stuffs, by FAR. If Newegg isn't cheap, then Ewiz is, and if Ewiz doesn't have it, Provantage probably will. Oh, and you don't have to worry about shipping either; it's free half the time. Or something like that.

Anyway, go with Gablain's pick. And TigerDirect REALLY...DOES...SUCK.
If they get a level of business anything like Newegg, it's just because of good ol' Logan and Albert.
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if you want a cheaper 260-216 locally, Canada Computers FTW
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