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GTX 275 acting strange

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I recently installed a MCW-60 Rev 2, as well as the Swiftech GTX 275 unisink. Everything seemed good at first, but I'm having trouble now.

When I went to run a benchmark this afternoon, the screen started artifacting, and filled with red and blue dots, as well as short horizontal lines (not all the way across screen). The screen went black completely, then a BSOD. It went away too quick, but rebooted.

The screen was still full of the dots/lines until windows booted. After that the screen appeared normal (at the desktop). Thinking it was a fluke, I attempted again to run a benchmark. Same story. I'm now using the computer again (haven't benchmarked yet).

Should I try to re-install the heatsink? Is it possibly overheating the VRM or memory? Do you think a fan on the heatsink would help?

I'm running a fairly agressive OC, but it was stable under stock cooling at 80% fan.

One thing I forgot to mention was that I ran Furmark for about 15 minutes last night, and everything was fine.

I'm clueless here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I take it temps were fine during furmark? Also have you tried running stock and see if it still happens?
Go ahead and drop those overclocks back to stock and re-overclock using the normal process. The problems you were describing sound like either hear issues or going to high on the overclock. Assuming that furmark was running at decent temps (under 85c), it's going to be mem and core speed.

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I take it temps were fine during furmark? Also have you tried running stock and see if it still happens?

Furmark temps were like 35C... That should be fine.
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without a volt mod that gtx 275 isn't going to get much past 732mhz core clock, with a bios flash you sohuld be able to get it to the low 740s, anything after that you'll need to do a hardware volt mod ( i don't believe the 275is uspported under the patched evga voltage tuner)

it also could be the memory temps,w hat are u using to cool you memory. also try unlinking your shaders and tuning them down a bit from the core
I know that the vrm and memory heatsinks get very hot on my 275 when there is no fan over them. I have the rig running case less, so there is really no airflow. The fan really helped cool them down. I don't know if that is your issue, but I certainly felt better about it when I put the fan on it.

Other than the suggestion for trying to run it at stock clocks, I'd try lowering the memory clocks. I don't think the memory clocks all that well on my 275.
does it artifact regardless of what overclock its at or just above your previous max?
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