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gtx 285+19' or gtx260/216+21.5'?

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hey guys i have a question.

i have two choices.very board.

im getting the amd ph2 940

its either i get the gtx 285 with an 19 inch(1680x1050)

or a gtx 260/216 with a 21.5 inch(1900x1080)

which one guys??suggestions would be really helpful.
since ive ben struggling on this the whole time =(
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What do you plan to be playing?

(I would get the 260/216 w/ a 21.5 inch monitor.)
get the gtx 260/216 with a 21.5 inch

A gtx 285 with an 19 inch is a waste

Originally Posted by quakermaas
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get the gtx 260/216 with a 21.5 inch

A gtx 285 with an 19 inch is a waste

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wouldnt it lag a bit with a 260 with a 1900x1080?
Depends on settings, the game and other variables. A GTX285 is complete overkill for that resolution. Much rather a higher-res monitor since you can always overclock and Sli for better performance.

Go for the GTX260 and 1920x1080.
I have two monitors, 1900×1200 & 1680×1050 being driven by a GTX260/192, and I have no problems.
option 2.

i wouldn't use anything above an 9800GTX+ / HD 4850 on a 19 inch monitor

'sides, a 21+ inch monitor is very nice, you'll really appreciate the difference. not to mention it'll be cheaper to SLI the GTX 260 later on
19" is too small, i hate using em, get a 260+21.5" and oc the $hit out of it and come close to 285 performance. I have a 22" and hate using my brothers 19". You will really appreciate the extra real estate. Also you will keep that LCD longer than the gpu so its a better investment. (This is my 3rd GPU since ive had this monitor
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I would do option 1
gtx 285 with an 19 inch(1680x1050) and get a bigger monitor later ;-)
GTX260 216 + the 1080p monitor

as its been said the 285 is massive overkill on any 19". hell my 8800GT SLI is massive overkill on my pair of 19"s
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