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gtx 285 supports dual monitors??

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im getting the gtx 285.
also would it work it 2 diffrent size monitors??

im getting a 19 inch asus lcd 1680x1050

and i already have a 17 inch sony lcd 1200x1080

would it work with both of those for dual monitor suport?
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yeah, it will work fine
so when i get the two monitors i plug them both in the gtx 285 slots. thats all??
when i boot itll come as two monitors?
or would i have to change settings and buy other connecting obejcts>>?
Once you plug them in you will have to rightclick desktop>properties>setting tab to enable the 2nd monitor. (my operating system is windows xp home sp3)
If it does not liek the 2nd monitor then you need to disable sli in the nvidia control panel.

As windows xp is booting only one monitor is enable till i log into windows

I own a 9800gx2 i am not sure if the gtx 295 works different

It has 2 dvi input, bottem one is master and the top is slave.I am running two differnt size monitors 1920x1200 and 2048x1152

in order to enable duel monitors i have to disable SLI in my 9800gx2.
so when i am playing games i do not get full power from my gpu only half of the power it could offer.

So I installed a 8800gt for my 2nd monitor.
now i use the full power from my 9800gx2 to my main gaming monitor.

sorry for the typo's I hope I helped
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