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GTX 285; YES or NO?

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Give me some input as I would like to start consolidating my gpu's and only use the x2's for benching purposes. However, worthwhile to get a gtx285 single gpu for gaming only? What kinda frames do you guys get with 1920x1200 and 8 to 16xAA?
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The gtx 285 is a great card. Perfect for 1920x1200 with eyecandy.

Though it ain't cheap... considering how much you can get a 260 for...
but at 1920x1200 and up the 285 really shines
You are a crazy man ...

Why not just use the 4870's for Gaming as well?

I would love to grab a 285, but for my resolution I think I would be better off with the 260.

Especially since Warhammer Online is not that crazy in need of GPU power.

My 8800 GTS actually handle very well in large Scale RVR, but eventually slows down with 200+ people on screen =)~
260 OC'ed gives a a bone stock 280 a run for it's money (meaning it beats it) and a 280 is exactly a 285 except the 285 is built on the 55nm die so it allows slightly higher clock.

The 285 is at best only 8-10% better performance but for a lot more considering you could get a 260 SLI setup and FTW all!
well, since you have an i7 plattform, anything less than a gtx280 could be considered an insult by the rest of your system
Given that screen resolution of yours I'd say a gtx260 / 4870 or more would be apropiate
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Originally Posted by StormX2
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You are a crazy man ...

Why not just use the 4870's for Gaming as well?

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Yeah, aside from power consumption a 4870X2 is just fine for that res and gaming.

The 285 will use less power (about 100W less) but less performance as well.

Its a great card, and while its only 8 - 10% faster than a 280, it does that with 30W less power while running much cooler (70c or less full load gaming on stock HSF).

personally, I would not bother changing your current setup. Just run a single 4870X2 for gaming and both for benching.
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