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GTX 295 Dual vs. Single PCB

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Looking into purchasing a 295 for folding. I have the option to buy one for 400 off someone but it is the dual pcb version. Does it make any difference? Is one better?
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There is no performance difference between them.
Dual PCB can be soft modded for more volts while single PCB cannot.
Any heat or wattage differences?

Originally Posted by havox View Post
Any heat or wattage differences?
i believe the dual PCB runs hotter then the single. but dont quote me on that.
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Originally Posted by G|F.E.A.D|Killa View Post
i believe the dual PCB runs hotter then the single. but dont quote me on that.
More or less the same temps. (According to G3D)

The single PCB's design dumps more heat into the case though.

EDIT: This review kinda contradicts G3D's though
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I've heard they're pretty much equal, but more benchers use the sammich version since its easier to find a waterblock or a pot for one.
I always heard that the sammich one runs colder.
Dont quote me either.
I say get the sammich one because for one, there is no performance difference in the two, and another, the single pcb version dumbs hot air into your case, while the sammich 295 pushes all the hot air out of your case.
Plus the sammich version looks cool, and saying sammich is fun.
I'm going to have to speak out in contrast to the dominant paradigm of this thread and say the Co-Op (single pcb) is the superior version if you don't plan to watercool. The sole advantage (having owned both of them) to the dualie is the presence of the volterra voltage regulator, which allows software-modding of voltages.

Now, without water cooling, this is not a big advantage because adding voltage gets the temps pretty high pretty quickly and negates a lot of the oc'ing potential that you get from the addt'l voltage.

Out of the box, the co-op runs MUCH cooler ... around -10C ... meaning at idle it's 50C vs 60C in my rig (these tests were done in summertime in the desert, mind you), and it tops out at 80C vs 90C+ on the sandwich. It is also MUCH quieter at idle, and noticeably quieter when loaded. Without any voltage bump, the co-op also OC'ed further (712/1512/1242 vs 675/1476/1242).

Both cards dump warm air into your case, they just do so in different places ... the side of the card vs. the end of the card.

I first bought the sammie, bought a co-op for quad-sli, then ended up selling the sammie because I wasn't a fan of quad-sli, and I much preferred the co-op for the above reasons.
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Sammich FTW
even on air, MOST (stress most not all as some get 0 results) Sammich dual PCB can be OC'ed higher then CO-OP due to voltage even with added heat. most Coops are limited around 700+- 20mhz. on air i have successfully oc'ed my Sammich to 771. there are however individuals that have absolutely no gain from voltage and are getting lower OC's the CO-Ops. as with all GPU OC'ing its allot of Luck of the Draw. But on a whole, Sammich version can go faster.

also to the poster above. As i said it is all luck of the draw. My friend with an EVGA FTW COOP can get to 704 stable. My Sammich without voltage can get to the same 704-710 (forgot what the step goes to) stable but not higher. So without voltage his and mine were the same and both got to 1260+ ram. I will agree however that his is about 5 deg cooler with all thing equal. As for sound, they both scream unreasonably on 100%

Now back to the OP, if just folding get whatever one you can get cheaper
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Honestly, the biggest difference in sound is at idle. The dualie was VERY noticeably the loudest thing in my case when I wasn't gaming, to the point that it annoyed me. The Co-Op sounds like all the other fans in my case, and is totally not noticeable when I'm just messing about in Windows.

Apples-to-apples, in the same exact case, the co-op at all times is never less than 8C cooler than the dualie was, and it pegs out at 80C no matter what, whereas the dualie used to hit 94/96C on furmark after about 10 minutes.

They are both great cards, I guess which one is 'best' depends on an individuals priorities.
Ok I must add that the Rivatuner power user tab has setting that allow you to mod the fan speed as a auto setting as soon as you are in OS instead of auto of 45% I have set this to 35% and it make no difference in temps but is much better on the ears belive me!! and as far as the "vs" goes the single PCB was made to cut down on manufacturing costs as using less components = less money.. And for some reason my dual pcb runs @47c to 50c Idle and no more than 75c-80c Crysis 1080p very high

Kindest Regards
pretty much everything brettvj said, the dual pcb allows you to change voltages and overclock better but at higher temps but also dumps less air into the case
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