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gtx 295 help

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hey there i have a friend that ask me today if he could buy now a gtx 295 or whait for the gt300.....and i don't know what to tell him....could you help me???tnks
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Well, my vote goes for telling him to just go with the GTX 295 for two reaons: 1: he could have the upgrade now, and 2: the GTX 295 is already overkill. hehe

Will his PSU handle it?
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i say go for the 295 ..now, i know im partial because i have the card, but im telling you he won't be disappointed..its a great feeling throwing a game in and putting everything to high settings..

as for the new card, i look at it this way...if you wait for the next newest thing to come out..you'll never get anything because once that card comes out, there will be the next great thing on the horizon..lol..atleast thats how i justify blowing money for sick gaming..hahah.
GTX 295, the 300 won't be around for a while. I agree with jtravapd about the never ending upgrade loop.
SLI 285, as it is faster, and looks better

either way, GT300 isn't coming for a while... a ong long while
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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