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GTX 295 Vantage Score

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I ran the trial version of 3DMark Vantage right now and I got 16082 for my GPU score. Is this a reasonable score for a GTX 295? If not, I'm gonna need help solving why... I'm on 195.62 drivers, btw.
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seems a little bit low but not out of the norm. With physx off u should get around 18-21k. Overclock it some and report back.

Anyways, does your 3dmark Score start with the letter "P"?
go to nvidaia control panel and make sure SLI is enabled
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SLI was enable. I checked that before running the test. PhysX was disable for the test. I checked that also. I've been noticing poor performance with many of my games so I did the Vantage benchmark to see what was up. Is it too low? I'm checking around on google, people have been getting around 19-22K without OCing. :/

I was having perfect performance on the 190.62 drivers and then it decreased when I went to the 195.62 drivers. Reformatting and going back to 190.62 didn't help bring the good performance back, it stayed as low as it did with the 195.62 drivers. I'm thinking it's a hardware issue.
You won't get 22K gpu score on a 295 w/o overclocking it significantly.

18-19K is more normal on a stock 295.

Can you eek out a slightly higher cpu overclock and see if your score goes up at all? The Performance vantage test can definitely exhibit some cpu-bottlenecking with SLI if your gfx cards are good enough.
the best I can get is 23600 at 690/1250 and with CPU at 4.5ghz and pcie clock a 102.4
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