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About two weeks ago I purchased MSi's Variation of the GTX 460 (Cyclone series) While playing Crysis not only did I notice with the stock clocks my card was only able to run it smooth with everything set to medium, I also noticed that with the cyclone cooler it ran quite cool even under max load so I decided why not overclock it?. Ten minutes later I was tinkering with settings on MSi's Afterburner program (Amazing GPU overclocking utility.) About A weekend of tuning , stress testing, and benchmarking I finally ended up being able to overclock the card completely(Its running at its absolute top speed) after hours of burn-ins, No artifacts or unexpected shutdowns (100% stable) I finally ended up with these results. Also I am very very lucky to be able to run my tower im really pushing it with my power supply (Upgrading soon)

3D Mark 06 Score
SM2.0 Score: 5872
HDR/SM3.0 Score: 5310
CPU Score: 4677
Overall: 13580
(This was with the resolution maxed out and 8X Anti-Alising)

Clocks (In MSi Afterburner)
Core Voltage: 1.025 Volts
Core Clock: 1.090 GHz
Shader Clock: 2.180 Ghz
Memory Clock: 2.160 Ghz

Well folks this cards got some major potential, Excuss me Im gonna go play some Metro 2033 now : )
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